DPerfect wants to change the world’s view of Haiti – Interview

Dperfect is a young rising artist from the Caribbean Island “Haiti”. He has released several songs since the beginning of his career and has worked with artists such as “Yani Martelly”, “Dro” and more. His smash hit “Cherie Ann Ale” has accumulated more than 1.000.000 views since it’s release. “Dperfect wants to change the world’s view of Haiti” Interview conducted by Yohan Taylor for The Newave.

Yohan taylor: Young and Upcoming artist from Haiti a country known for his food, his music, his talented people and more…Can you tell us what was your childhood like growing up on this Island, and how did you get into music?

I was born on the Caribbean island of Haiti that has a rich history, full of vivid beauty and historical essence, along with the humility and humanity of its people. These events have greatly influenced my childhood growing up with my family: which consist of my parents, grandma, my sister, and my brother. We didn’t have much growing up, but my parents worked hard and made a lot of sacrifices to take of us.

One of my memorable moments growing up were my parents playing music in the household, that influenced my brother( who was a rapper growing up), and I a lot. I followed his footsteps but I decided to sing instead. I started taking music seriously after I participated in a musical contest ( I won) at my school. I was given a guitar. At the time I didn’t even know how to play. I devoted my time practicing and learning how to play, wherever I went I would take the guitar with me, that’s how I knew I had a passion for music and I turned that into a career.

Yohan Taylor: Tell me how the “Covers” that you regularly post on your YouTube channel impact your career?

The covers that I’ve been posting on my YouTube channel have had a great impact on my young career because it gave me the ability to showcase my talents. The songs that I usually cover are from the artists that have influenced me musically such as the late great Whitney Houston. One of the first songs I’ve covered from her was “I look to you “. Which I recomposed into my mother’s tongue. Since then I was getting requests to do more covers. To satisfy those requests I went on to cover: “New flame, “ Little more” and a few mashups” and I also produced a few songs. As they say the rest is history.

Yohan Taylor :You’ve lived on the neighboring island (Dominican Republic) for some time. Can you explain to us that experience of being emerged in the Dominican culture?

My time spent in DR played a big part in the advancement of my young career. I met “Dominique Telemaque” who gave me all the support that I can ask for as a manager. “Vivo beats” which I also met in DR produced my single “ Number 1 lady“. Being on my own and living in Dr, unfamiliar territory for me at the time has allowed me to grow as an upcoming artist, perfect my craft and build my confidence.

Yohan Taylor : Your most famous songs are Hello, Number one lady, and the most recent “Cherie Ann Alé” that is getting bigger every week.
Through this music video we can see a whole evolution either on the musical and physical plan.
What was the process behind the recording of the song and the shooting of the video?

Looking back on those previous records that you just mentioned
Makes me think of three words “Passion, Purpose, Progress” what’s funny about the “Cherie Ann Alé” record, when “Dominique Telemaque” came to me with the beat I didn’t even feel the spark a, but after countless times spent in the studio and exchanging ideas he finally convinced me to record. From there we worked on the melody, then we choose the subject and that’s how “Cherie ann Alé” came about. We linked up with “Atache music group”, “kiki de lamour” and DRO two music connoisseurs who add the finishing touch on the record.

“Cherie Ann Alé” video: Dominique wrote the storyboard, scenarios and he choosed the best-suited location for the video. Knowing that Music and visuals are both evocative.
“It’s the icing on the cake” just to have the opportunity to tell my story with a visual and show the experiences that I’ve been through.

Yohan Taylor : A few months ago you released the song “Ou Makem” that was well received by the public. Are you planning to release more songs of this genre for the “Kompa” lovers?

Usually, my songs always have that R&B flavor. Kompa influences my music style greatly and played a big part in my musical upbringing so I showcase it naturally through my music.
Most of my fans are kompa lovers, so I’m definitely planning more songs of this genre to please my kompa lovers

Yohan Taylor : What do you think of the Haitian music scene, with all these upcoming and leading artists?

The Haitian music scene looks very promising with all the new talents who have left their mark in the industry so far. I want to make a special shout-out to the legends who have paved the way for the new generation and allowed us to have a place in the Haitian music industry. I feel honored to be part of that new generation so I can keep the tradition, the music alive and spread it all around the globe. As far as I can.

Yohan Taylor : If you could hold onto one memory in your career, what would it be?

What’s beautiful about memories is that Nothing is ever really lost to us as long as we remember it. Although I have so many great memories in my young career, there is one that stood out to me. It was at my first event (I was performing). I’ve seen my parents happy and full of joy before but on this particular day, that joy and excitement have surpassed any excitements I’ve seen from them. They wanted to see me perform so bad, that they were the first one in the attendance. So far, I think I had my best performance at this event.

Yohan Taylor : How do you feel about the media playing a prominent role in shaping public perception (negative associations) of Haiti, while the country is also a piece of paradise?

There’s a side of Haiti that doesn’t get enough attention. Haiti is a beautiful, inspiring nation with so much more to offer than the headlines about violence and poverty. There’s no doubt that Haiti was dealt a bad hand. Despite all of this, Haitians don’t want your pity. Haitians hold their heads high and carry themselves with dignity. Haiti is so much more than what they show through the media outlets. But now, I understand: We have an image problem and this is where I have to step in as an artist, take the lead to show and talk about the other side of Haiti that they don’t show on TV. Personally, I encourage people to come to Haiti and discover the Caribbean’s best-kept secret. The truly great thing about Haiti is the friendliness of its people. Haiti offers an experience like no other in the Caribbean. It is unique and personal.

Yohan Taylor : Can you give us some good tips, If we ever want to travel to your homeland?
(Must Eat, the must do, a place that you particularly like)

Haiti is stunningly beautiful, Tropical Caribbean beaches, lush mountains, impressive waterfalls, a history that includes being the first nation to ever end slavery and colonization. Haiti is a culture: deep, rich, unique and “steeped in mystery”. My dream is to see folks from all around the world Visit Haiti for the sake of visiting Haiti, just as you would in any other country. Haiti still has a lot of problems, As recent events have shown. But, traveling there is not unlike traveling to other countries/destinations with established escorted tours. Haitians are welcoming people, and supporting the tourism sector is one of the best things that can happen to the economy.

I couldn’t live in Haiti and not talk about the delicious local food that Haiti has to offer. Haitian food is really delicious! It’s wholesome and nutritional, packed with flavorful spices. The food here is one of the best reasons to explore this Caribbean island, so I thought about sharing with you my favorite dishes and what to eat when you travel to Haiti.
“Legim” is my favorite Haitian dish. Legim (Legume) is a mixture of vegetables cooked with meat, usually beef, (mashed) and served over rice.


I can talk for days about my love for pikliz, Haiti’s all-purpose condiment! Pickled spicy slaw of cabbage and vegetables (onions, carrots, peppers, etc.), grated or shredded, served in a vinegar base and often dashed with chili peppers. You might be amazed by the abundance of good restaurants in the Haitian metropolis. My personal favorites (well-done menus in addition to the pleasant ambiance) are: “The View” (local and international dishes). The restaurant is also known for its astounding view of the city. “The outdoor Acajou Restaurant & Bar”, classy and exquisitely prepared local and international dishes. All of this with the unforgettable view that goes with it!

Yohan Taylor : What’s next for DPerfect?

Next for me, is sky ’s the limit. There’s this quote that says “With great power comes great responsibility” this gift that God has blessed me with. Where words fail, music speaks. Most of us, from time to time feel discouraged. In fact, because we all need emotional boosts every once in a while. I want to inspire people through my music, give them that little boost that they need to make it through the hard times. Music impacts us in ways that other sounds don’t, and that’s what really motivates me to keep making music and a lasting impact that will brings changes into my fans lives or anyone else that hears my music. I’m very thankful to all my fans for their constant love and support. Dperfect is perfect because of their unconditional love.

Dperfect Interview The Newave.

DPerfect Social Media : https://www.instagram.com/dperfectmusic/?hl=fr-ca https://www.facebook.com/dperfectmusic/?ref=page_internal https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCHo-jVGyBeGLCpHgwp7obGA

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