[Interview] Get to know Costello a rising Colombian artist (Tu Amiga)

[Interview] Get to know Costello a rising Colombian artist (Tu Amiga)

Get to to know Costello a rising Colombian artist interpreter of “Tu Amiga”

Costello Interview The Newave.

A few months after he released his project “Trap King” and after the success of his single “Tu Amiga remix”. The Newave. wanted to know more about Costello an artist produced by GoldenMusic. Indeed, we asked him some questions about his career and how he got more recognition from the public. Otherwise, we also wanted to know a little bit more about what he likes. So we questioned him on his favorite food,place and even on which personality he’s crushing on. Here is : Get to to know Costello a rising Colombian artist “Tu Amiga”, an interview conducted by yohantaylor.

Can you Introduce yourself to the readers ? 
My name is Andres Jaramillo better known as COSTELLO,
I am from Cali, Colombia “Palmira to be exact”

 Cali-Colombia  Cali-Colombia



How and when did you start singing ?
I’ve started singing when I was 12 in a rock band



Which Artists has influenced you ?
Héctor Lavoe, Frankie Ruiz


The artist Costello visited the tomb of Hector Lavoe
Costello recently visited the tomb of Héctor Lavoe
 Hector Lavoe       Frankie Ruiz
 Héctor Lavoe                                    Frankie Ruiz

How would you describe your music ?
Music is my life I couldn’t live without it

“Tu Amiga” is certainly your biggest song , can you tell us more about this track ?
This song opened up so many for me and my career,
it claimed up the charts and a way that was not expected.

On the remix features artists like Gotay and Messiah who are well known by the public.
So how did your relationship with these artists come about?
We all know each other from different studios that we have worked in the past,
and have a great relationship! So I reached out to them for the remix.

                  Costello - Gotay - Messiah - Tu Amiga Remix

       On The Newave. we love the “Culture”  so we would like to know your Favorite:
– Food:
Colombian cusine

Colombian Food  Colombian Food Colombian Food

– Place :
“mi casita colombiana”,
the food and service, it’s amazing

mi casita colombiana

mi casita colombiana

– Team :
América (soccer team)

Which celebrity do you have a crush on ?
Esperanza Gomez

Esperanza Gomez  Esperanza Gomez

What’s Next for Costello? 
Lots of collaboration and tons of music for the fans.

 Last Word? 
We got next!  Thank you to all my fans and the people who support me all the way.


Thank you for taking the time. “We the wave, we the wave”

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