King Bubba Fm Interview

INTERVIEW: King Bubba Fm tells us more about his career and Barbados

King Bubba Fm Interview

INTERVIEW: The Barbadian King Bubba Fm talks to The Newave. about his career,” his friendship with Beenie Man,” how he’s drinking Rum and much more.

King Bubba Fm is an artist,composer,Dj Producer and much more. The Barbados native, he’s one of the best soca artists of his generation. He’s best known for hits like Mashup, Who Drinking Rum, and Calling In Sick.
Moreover, the “Rum King” has produced and written alongside artists like Beenie Man, Bunji Garlin, Machel Montano, Skinny Fabulous, Lil Rick, Peter Ram, Kerwin Dubois, Leadpipe & Saddis, Denise Belfon, Destra, Patrice Roberts, Problem Child, Blaxx, Erphaan Alves, Sekon Sta, Alison Hinds, Jah Cure, Konshens, Pinchers, Ravi B, Dr Evil, Shal Marshal, Lava Man, Shurwayne Winchester, Verseewild and many more.
This Interview was the opportunity to know more about him and the Bajan culture.



Can you introduce Yourself for those who don’t know you ?

I am King Bubba FM from Barbados. I am the RUM King and I love soca music


– Most of your songs are well known by the public, Your music is played all over the caribbean and even in North America, So how did you arrive at this stage of your career ?

Hard work and dedication. Having a great team has also helped reach this stage of my career. My family has also been a huge part of my journey as soca artist.


– Growing up in the caribbean, Which Artists has influenced you ? Did you stick to soca or did you explore other types of music ?

Growing up I listened to alot of Beanie Man and Bounty Killer. I was originally a lover of dance hall music so I had so many records from dancehall artists. Lil Rick was also an influence for me. I started to listen to alot of soca when he hit the scene with the song “Hard Wine”.


– As a soca artsit and a big entertainer, recording a song with you might be special. What a record session look likes when you step into the studio

When I step into the studio to do a recording its musical concentration. Sometimes I am in the studio to the wee hours of the morning. The studio is all about the vibes and Platta is full of vibes.
 – You have recently collaborate with one of the biggest dancehall artist Beenie Man for the remix of your track Bubbaling. How you ended up linking up with the Jamaican ?
We became friends many years ago when I booked him for my birthday party in 2004 for my birthday party of Club Extreme in Barbados. We kept in contact over the years and built a friendship. I pitched the idea of the remix to him and he fully endorsed it. 


– You’ve been working with Deejay Puffy, one of the most talented Dj in the world who’s also Bajan. What can you tell us about him and the emerging barbadian music scene ?Puffy is a great person to work with. Him and I are good friends and I had a great time working on several projects with him. The Barbadian music scene is booming and I am excited to see my country on the map. 


– A few months ago you have performed in Guyana and the less that we can say is that the Fete was crazy. Among all of your shows what’s the most amazing thing that you ever seen.

Theres no one particular thing. It’s just amazing to see people reacting and enjoying themselves to the music you so passionately created. 


– Caribana is one of the most important carnival event for the Caribbean community. Are you planning to be in Toronto in August ?

I would like to be but it conflicts with the time of Barbados’ festival Crop Over but anything is possible. 


– One of your most famous songs is “Who Drinking Rum” and you proclaim yourself as the “RUM KING” . Can you tell us how you drink Rum and by the way which one is better ?

Strong rum, no chaser! I appreciate all types of rum once it’s nice and strong. Ice, no chaser. 


– You proudly reppin’ Barbados, your Island. You might know a lot about this pearl of the Caribbean. So, If we ever want to travel to your hometown, can you give us some good tips ?

The beach, cuisine and music is what would make you fall in love with Barbados. Visit the Animal Flower Cave, Harrison’s Cave and the many historical sites. And of course Crop Over would make you fall in love with Barbados. 



– A new year has just begun, and we sure that we’re going to hear a lot about you again, What can we expect from King Bubba Fm for the next couple months ?

More music, plenty vibes. There will be plenty riddims coming from Platta Studios so look out. 

Thank you for taking the time. “We the wave, we the wave”

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