Mud Bath in St. Lucia 5 Reasons why you must go

Here are 5 Reasons why you must go to the Mud Baths in Sulphur Springs, based on the experiences of locals and tourists.

via: St. Lucia News Online

Located in La Soufriere(St.Lucia), the Sulphur Springs Park is a world-renowned geothermal area. Originated from a weak spot in the crust of a collapsed volcanic crater, Sulphur Springs is one of the most visited attractions in the Caribbean island.

Actually, personalities like Richard Branson, Ludacris, Oprah, Machel Montano and many others have already visited the volcanic area. Moreover, The Mud Baths are the main reason why people visit this place. In Fact getting into one of these black mineral-rich pools is described as a great experience and even more than that. Otherwise, the water is cool enough to fully enjoy these baths. (Temperature estimated to be around 110 Fahrenheit or 45 Celsius.)

5 Reasons why you must go

Relax and Look younger

The main reason why people want to get into these baths it’s because of their therapeutic efficacy. In fact, locals and tourists believe that the mud bath has properties that will allow you to look younger and feel relaxed.

Heal from diseases or injuries

Actually, according to the locals, and some studies, these black pools help you heal from some diseases thanks to their medicinal properties. Among them, we can cite: sunburns; eczema; arthritis; sore joints and more.

Freshen up at the breathtaking waterfalls

After you finished enjoying the mud benefits, you will have to get under a lovely waterfall of beautiful, natural water. Tourists describe this experience as exhilarating and refreshing. Otherwise, the waterfalls of Sulphur Springs are also the right place for getting a shoulder and back massage.

Capture unique moments

The Mud Baths of La Soufriere, are a unique experience. In fact, you can’t visit St Lucia if you don’t do the islands drive-in volcano baths. Bringing your camera is encouraged. Make sure to capture the breathtaking waterfalls and what is surrounding the historic town of La Soufriere.

It’s a “Must Do”

You cannot say that you travelled to St.Lucia if you didn’t enjoy the environment of Sulphur Springs Park. Actually, The Mud Bath is a “Must Do” and one of the main attraction of St.Lucia.

After receiving high praise from several blogs in 2018, St.Lucia is definitely in the spotlight as one of the best Caribbean Island. Consequently, attractive places such as Sulphur Springs could generate more visitors in the years to come.

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